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Recruitment is currently: CLOSED

Recruitment into the Felsworn!

We welcome a variety of methods for those interested in being recruited into the Felsworn. it is completely possible to approach us in character and get started from there, creating roleplay along the way. it is, however, also acceptable to get in touch with us OOCly first, either by sending an in game letter to Vlakor, or an email to [email protected]


We do not accept the following:

Characters that are age 15 and under
not only will they have trouble finding a reason to be Felsworn to begin with, they are not quite suited to the concept.

We accept all other races, except the natives of Pandaria. This is for IC reasoning and that they also do not suit the concept.

OOC Names
Please ensure that your character name is your actual IC name, or closely related to it. Surnames are fine.

The 'Mary Sue' style of character
We do not desire this classic stereotype in our guild. We try to focus on realism and immersion.

OOC unfriendly attitudes
We realise some people are not nice OOC, and simply roleplay for escapism. IN this guild we value a feeling of community!

What we DO want in a Recruit

If you have a character with clear personality and actual depth, we would love to have you.
We appreciate roleplayers that know their characters and understand their emotions
inside and out. We also admire those who can create roleplay and contribute
to day to day life, and not be a 'filler'. Blank characters are not fond of in
the Felsworn, as we promote development and depth as much as possible.

It does not matter if your character is weak or strong, as long as they
fit the concept we are happy to have you along

There are plenty of other places for those who stand and observe, and do not
actively participate in Roleplay, mainly take from it. Felsworn is not
one of those!

In addition, once you are a member of the Guild, you'll be expected
to both ICly and OOcly wear appropriate gear. You can find examples
and inspiration on our Items & sets page, for gear that is simple and suiting
granted you are not limited to the sets we've posted.

When it comes to levels, you can join the Felsworn at any level, even level one in theory.
But if you want to make a good first impression,  you would show some form of effort.
Much because of how we like established characters, right? Either way, there is no need
to be level 90 when joining or similar. But if you join the Guild when you're under level 70
you'll be expected to get to level 70 eventually. This is because of the zone we Rp in, and
in order for all our members to eventually have all flying skills available to them.

The IC part of Recruitment

There are many ways to join us completely in character.

Regardless of whether your character would join the Felsworn willingly or not, it is not a problem!
We can make your IC abduction an event. Of course, if your recruitment requires
certain planning from our part as well, we will need to commence with the OOC
part of recruitment first.
The Felsworn Council will answer your mail shortly!

Estimated time: 1 - 24 hours
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