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The Lord
Vlakor Blackstrom

High Judge Vlakor Bhargof Blackstrom
is the lord of the Felsworn, and the original creator of its concept and values.
As the Felsworn's leader, the High Judge oversees its major expeditions.
While others may lead missions, training sessions, and social matters,
The High Judge's lessons are known to be of the more advanced stages.
And he tends to be at the front line of the high profile operations.

The Lady

The Lady; Acanthia Rawling Blackstrom, is the link between the High
Judge and the people, as a general overseer, and advisor.

The Faithful

The Faithful is the council of officers in the Felsworn.
When a person is made Faithful, there's a wide range of different
responsibilities said person that they handle, all of which with a management
theme. But what one can be sure of when obtaining this Rank,
is that you're a part of the ruling council.


The Disciples are the people who practise the ideology of the Felsworn,
in a variety of different ways. They have proved their loyalty and determination
to the upper heirarchy, and are tasked with different responsibilities.


An Initiate is a Recruit who has either not showed
he is worthy of a higher 'proper' rank, or he has just
not had the opportunity to show such yet. Either way,
initiate is a rank you hold before going into that of an
Disciple, awaiting approval, if you will.

A young Warlock who's skills are  not determined.
A Rogue that has doubtful discipline
A Deathknight who doesn't really do anything.
A disciplined and good man, who is very new so he hasn't had the chance to prove himself yet.


Alt/OOC is a rank for someone who has either not
joined ICly yet, or who is an alt of someone already
in the guild, with no intentions of joining ICly on that
Char, but wants to remain close with the community.