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"Sworn to Fel, our people's place in this world was an inevitable addition. The answers to life's many questions are out there for the taking. But they will not be found by the conservative mindset the Alliance's heart seems far too loyal to. One must recognize what the greatest tools of this world are, and learn to utilize them appropriately in order for progress to make itself known. This liberal view, especially concerning our practises of Fel and Demonology might make some people of the Alliance consider us enemies, but in the end it's the Alliance that we belong to, and the Alliance that we support. The Felsworn has made its home in Valiance Keep. And we strike out to the Alliance fronts where ever we're the most needed. And take to Shadow, Fel, Demonology, and sheer brutality, to accomplish our Goal. Victory, through any means necessary. - Vlakor

Who we are and what we do

The Felsworn is an operation that has been active since early Burning Crusade, since then it has had the same leader, but been in many different phases. From secret societies, unguilded groups, and specific individuals to be called the core of a guild to keep said intitiative alive. But ultimately the decision taken to make it an official Guild. The last guild the Felsworn was hiding inside of was known as, The Bhargof Court, which remains a happy memory that we salute. The ideals and long term plans of the Felsworn were kept secret to all but a select few - untill now. It is now being worked on in character fulltime in the guild, which remains devoted to its cause.

The Guild is based on a concept to support certain pillars; A people bound together by all of that which is considered "unacceptable" to the majority of the Alliance. Which is what the Felsworn belives does nothing short but cripple the Alliance Militia. The Felsworn was founded on that of Warlock Practise, but in their cause said philosophy is not isolated to Demonology, and Fel. But rather the most brutal of Warriors, Death Knights, Shadow Priests, and of course Warlocks, are all actively found and brought into this fold.

Where we are. The Felsworn has their own view on life, and moral, that much is clear. But no matter what you practise, no matter what means you use to do your part on the field; You still need a location of which to call home. Other Groups, including military troops, come and go. But The Felsworn stay in Valiance Keep, during the moments when they are not out on ongoing campaigns for their goals.

The Practice. The Felsworn firmly believe that all forces available on Azeroth, and beyond, are tools to be utilized. As long as one can handle then appropriately. This includes the Light, Physical Strength, marksmanmanship, Fel, Shadow, and Demonology. This is a very liberal view that they support. And because of it worshipping any of these forces, and seeing it to be anything else than just that; A tool. Is frowned upon, deeply. worshipping the Light, or worshipping Demons, is equally frowned upon. While using Demons, and using the Light, are both supported. The original thought is that if the Alliance as a whole were to use all that's available, the war would have been over a long time ago. And because if it, it's shameful and morally incorrect to ignore said means. Lessons are held on a regular basis because of it, specifically about the three key matters previously mentioned. You have a Warlock student..? Then join, and get to class! Class, properly combined with hunting sessions in the wild to get the family the means of survival in the meantime. You're a Brutish Warrior that could not find his place in the normal Militia? Fear not! If you know how to behave moderately well, and not cause internal trouble, the Felsworn will only support your freedom once on the field.
Vlakor as painted by [email protected] Dawn

Roleplay with the Felsworn

Are you with a Guild that hunts down people like the Felsworn? Are you with a Guild that works with people like the Felsworn? Are you an individual that would like hostile or friendly contact with us? Great! We're glad to hear it, but if you intend to say, attack us full scale, we will want to discuss it OOCly first. You can always contact Vlakor in game, or by the guild's mail, [email protected]

If your character is looking to simply contact the Felsworn, then by all means, do so. Have a letter in game sent to Vlakor.

If you're looking to join the Felsworn, then do go to our Recruitment Page


Do you think a question is missing from here?
If you send a question to [email protected], and we think it's a good one, not only will we answer you with a mail directly, but we might even add it to the FAQ!

Q: Why can't I access every page on the site without signing up?
A: It is not a matter of wanting people to sign up, actually. If a random person signs up, their approval won't go through. The purely OOC pages of the site, such as ranks, and 'about us' are for everyone to see. But the pages that carry certain IC weight, such as the Demonic Codex, that exists in the guild ICly, should only be seen by people in the guild.

Q: What do I do if I see a Felsworn member behaving rudely IC or OOC to an unacceptable point?
A: You should definitely take a screenshot, mail the guild, and include an imgur link to said screenshot. And then we will deal with it appropriately.

Q: What is the long term goal of the Felsworn?
A: Aiding the Alliance through their own special means, while surviving and growing in the process.

Q: Is it Warlock only?
A: Not at all! The name suggests a focus on Fel, and Fel, Demonology, Shadow, are all large parts. A Warlock might find themselves with some more opportunities regarding the practises than say, a Warrior, or Druid. But for the most part, all classes can involve themselves in the very vast majority of the guild's activities.

Q: What races are allowed?
A: All but Pandaren.

Q: Why are Pandaren not allowed?
A: IC and OOC disapproval of their race.

Q: What classes are allowed?
A: All of them, even if a Paladin might have a harder time fitting in, than a Warlock, Rogue, or Warrior.

Q: Can I become a member of the site, while not being a member of the guild?
A: Your chances are very low, but yes, it's possible. If your char is a good friend of the Felsworn, and you're an equally good friend of the guild/many people in the guild OOCly, we may permit such.

Q: Can one be certain the demonic codex is reliable, and lore friendly?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do I have to wear a uniform?
A: Yes, but it's very flexible. If it suits the tabard and general (while not being over the top) it's fine. Keep it red and black, or just one of the two.

Q:Do you own Valiance Keep?
A: No, we Roleplay there a lot. Alot of our characters live there. We don't have any issue with others passing by, staying, or what have you. But if someone else comes along and claims to own the place, it'll result in a mass ignore.

Q. If you're with the Alliance, how come you're up for having alliance guild rivals?
A: It'd be a more personal matter, guild to guild. If a guard guild for instance, wants a war with the Felsworn, and it's discussed OOCly first, and we all agree to the suggestions at hand, we may be open to such. But if said guard guild starts to "Speak in the name of the king!" then we're out.

Q:  Are you evil?
A: There are evil individuals, but we're not looking for a continued grimdark athmosphere. I'm sure you'll find alot of individuals in this questionable gathering are actually very kind and well meaning! Some have been mislead, some are in it to protect someone, and so on.

Q: What's the policy on inactive people?
A: We have no specific "day limit" set. If a new recruit joins, doesn't contribute, roleplays with us one time, then is offline for 5 days, they might get kicked. If a long term member who has contributed a whole lot suddenly dissapears for two weeks, we might assume there's a good reason behind it and await to hear the reason when they comes back.